Wash Bay Arm – Extendable


Extendable Wash Bay Hose Arm for horse facilities. Increases safety for horse and handler.

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Extendable Wash Bay Arm - from 1200mm - 3000mm

Whether you are setting up a new horse wash bay or looking to update and improve the safety of your old one. DoWell Equine manufactures their Extendable Wash Bay Wall Mounted Overhead Hose Boom which is designed to suit a range of Horse Wash Bay Set Ups. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor wash bay. An overhead horse wash is fast becoming an essential horse wash bay accessory.

Advantages of installing an overhead hose boom in your horse wash bay:

  • Improve the safety whilst washing your horses.
    • No more tripping over a hose
    • No more horse standing on the hose
    • No more hoses being left out, and in the way whilst the wash bay is not in use.
  • Makes handling sensitive horses easier.
  • Professional finish to your wash bay. Maintaining neat and tidy finish.
  • Cost effective - Reducing wear and tear on hoses and hose fittings.

Extendable Wash Bay Swing Arm includes;15m hose with spray gun (6 settings), Right Angle Bracket (screws not included). Ready for mounting.

INSTALLATION Instructions:

The Wall Mount Hose Boom may be installed in your indoor or outdoor wash bay. The position of your wash bay boom is dependant on the set up of your horse wash bay. To gain the best benefit positioning it in the centre of a wall provides 180 degree swing of the boom.  Installation height is dependant on your the structure it is to be installed on combined with the height of your horses. When installing it to a colour bond shed a brace (not included) is generally required to be fitted between the two top hats for additional support.

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