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GEOHEX Erosion Control System is proudly Manufactured in Australia from Recycled Plastic. It is widely used as an alternative to concrete for driveways, pathways & shed floors. But, GEOHEX is just as widely used in Agriculture & Equestrian Applications. Commonly used around feed & water troughs. Horse Day Yards, Entries to arenas & paddock gate ways. Shipping Available Australia Wide call 0405 497 582.


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Please note this price is per square metre for under 85sqm (1 pallet). The pricing for bulk quantities is on a sliding scale, please contact us to discuss further.

Buy Geohex online -  Is a Unique permeable ground stabilisation paver. Widely accepted throughout industries such as Government, Civil, Landscaping, Golf Courses, agriculture & Equestrian.  It has a multitude of uses, most commonly being used as an alternative to concrete.


  • Dimensions: 1000 x 500 x 42mm 
  • Weight: 2.3kg per piece
  • Made from high impact polypropylene
  • 99.7% Water permeable 
  • Maximum load bearing capacity 1200t/sqm
  • Australian Owned and Manufactured
  • Can be filled with a 0.5mm (crusher dust) aggregate up to a 25mm aggregate
  • Max 30 degree slope installation

What is Geohex- Erosion Control System?

Geohex is a unique ground stablisation paver manufactured in Australia. The plastic matting or plastic paver is an environmentally friendly alternative to concrete. It has found a multitude of applications from preventing erosion underneath livestock troughs, stablising turf, or gravel on driveways. Geohex is accepted through a broad range of industries including Civil, landscaping, Construction, Government, Agriculture and Equestrian. Providing a safer environment, with reduced water run off, erosion.   It was tested in the University of Newcastle to have a load bearing of over 1200sm / tonne.

What is Geohex made from? 

Geohex is manufactured in Australia via an injection mould process using 100% recycled high impact co-polymer polypropylene. 

What are some of the benefits of the Geohex ground stabilising plastic paver?

  • Australian Owned and Made from Recycled Material 
  • Permanent solution to erosion control 
  • DIY installation 
  • Alternative to concrete
  • 99.7% Water Permeable, encouraging water to absorb into the ground 
  • Prevents as more run off, localised flooding in comparison to concrete
  • Reduced waste water running into rivers and drains, more environmentally friendly 
  • Can be used in any high impact area to prevent erosion
  • Capable of taking a maximum load of 1200t /sqm

Examples of where has Geohex been used? 

  • Driveways
  • Around stock water troughs 
  • Pathways around houses, parks and gardens 
  • Parking lots (Council, Sports fields)
  • Fire trails 
  • Equestrian Arenas 
  • In Cattle Races
  • Stockyards
  • Mine Haul Roads
  • Golf Courses 
  • Chook Sheds 
  • Dairies
  • Cattle Feed Lots 
  • Pig Farms 
  • Underneath residential turf to prevent boats and caravans getting bogged
  • Landscaping for example around fire pits, sculptures 
  • Gateways - Permanent solution to preventing a muddy gateway

Guide to installing Geohex; 

Preparation is the key, Geohex is only as strong as the sub grade you prepare to install it on. 

Requires a flat compacted surface for the best results.  




Additional information

Weight 5.0000 kg
Dimensions 0.4200 × 50.0000 × 100.0000 cm


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