Equilume Stable Light

Modern management of horses means they are stabled in doors and don't get the natural cycle of daylight, that a horse would experience in nature. The Equilume Stable Light was scientifically designed to imitate the natural light patterns, to improve the overall health of your horse. Horses need light for more than just sight, it also coordinates there body clock (circadian/ circannual rhythms), and has an effect on the horses immune system, appetite, performance, natural foaling abilities. 


What are the benefits of the Equilume Stable Light over the Equilume Mobile Light Mask


The advantage of the Equilume Stable light over standard LED lights in your stable. The blue light emitted from the Equilume Stable Light is on the same wavelength of natural daylight, not the standard white light emitted by LED. The stable lights are operated from a control panel programmed to transition the light gently from blue light (day time) to red light (night time), over approx 20 mins. Red light has no influence on horses, however the stable light enables us to see enough of what is happening during foaling down of mares. Horses are a fight of flight animal and red light feature of the Equilume Stable Light means that when the time comes for impending foal to arrive, there is no need to turn a bright white light on. Causing the mare to tense up, and potentially have trouble foaling.  

The Equilume Stable Light is scientifically proven to reduce the fat storage of your performance horses.  How does the Equilume Stable Light maintain muscle mass in performance horses? The natural light pattern that is emitted from the Blue light designed for horses, regulates the hormone melatonin. Melatonin naturally increases as the daylight hours are decreased in winter months, sending signals to your horse to prepare to survive winter. Fortunately we provide all of the food and nutrition our horses require. When we stable our horses under the Equilume Stable Light our horses are getting the most nutrition out of the food they are given year round. 

Specifications of the Equilume Stable Light:

  • 1 x Light per 4.0m x 4.0m Stable
  • Blue enriched broad spectrum white light
  • Red Light at night, providing enough lumens to see, without turning on bright white lights.
  • Optimal light diffusion
  • Customizable user friendly interface
  • Reduced energy costs when upgrading to an LED
  • IP66 rated housing 
  • Temperature rated from -4 to 122 degrees F

THE LUMINAIRE MUST BE PURCHASED WITH THE CONTROL PANEL. Please contact Us directly for a quote to install the Control Panel.

1 x Control panel required for up to 30 Luminaire - Equilume Stable Lights  

Additional information

Weight 5.0000 kg
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