Solar Off Grid – LED Stable Lighting Kit

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Off-Grid Power 240- Incorporates an all-in-one system

The system is pre-wired, and assembled into a plug-and-play unit, ready for you to install. With the latest lithium ion LiFo batteries with can be used and charged at the same time. The light is programmed  to operate for 4hrs after the sun goes down.  

DIY install. Only a few screws and a cable to the light bar.

Kit includes;

1 x 30W Obi light bar (Warranty 5 years)

1 x 80W solar panel including battery storage unit built in and optic sensor (Warranty 25 years)

240Ah Battery (Warranty 3 years) Battery cycle life - 1000 times

Key features of these solar Stable Light Kits


Anti- Corrosion 

Impact Resistant 


7-8 Hrs to fully charge 

Up to 6hrs of light off a full charge (programmed to run for 4hrs)

Key Benefits when installed in your stable;

Smooth wave length, providing light in the full colour spectrum like the natural light of the sun

  • Happier & healthier horses
  • Sealed units, no bugs can get inside
  • Water proof, corrosion resistant
  • Maintenance Free
  • Plug and Play, no electrician required
  • 4 x brighter than a standard Flurocent Light
  • Lifetime > 50,000 hrs
  • 5 year warranty


 As a general guide 1 x light per 4.0m stable with a ceiling below 4.0m is enough light required to pro long your horses summer coat. This does vary depending on how dark your stable boxes are.

 Afterpay (Check out) or PayRight Payment (See Payment Plan Page) available 


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