About Us


Australian Horse Stable Manufacturer

DoWell Equine manufacture Australian made stable panels using Australian Steel in our factory  based in southwest Sydney. Our focus is to create European inspired contemporary stable designs, that are not only practical but also durable and horse safe.

DoWell Equine provide quality stable panels built from sustainable materials, minimising our impact  on the environment, and ensuring a low overall lifetime cost. We have various stable panel options available to provide you with flexibility when creating your horse stable design and fitting out your new or existing shed.

DoWell Equine horse stables are safe, strong, and practical. They typically are a “loose”  box system. Meaning that your horse stables are supplied, so that they can be disassembled and re-assembled in case of relocation, or rearrangement. Note this may vary depending on your project.

 Recycled Plastic stables are fully welded and supplied Hot Galvanised Dipped (bathed in liquid  zinc, providing up to 5 x better protection to the steel), with 28mm Recycled Plastic Boards, in a range of colours. 20Nb Round bars round penetrate the steel top and bottom for improved strength and are correctly spaced to minimise hoof injuries. The plastic stable PE boards are fixed within our flanged steel profile, to minimise any sharp edges and fixtures and fittings required during installation. Screws etc can come loose overtime. 

We also offer form ply stables are galvanised steel, and the welds are painted to protect from rust. As an alternative option for your new stables.

 Both options for stable panels are manufactured to the highest standard. The cost difference comes from the materials used during construction and are a direct reflection of the overall lifetime cost of the boxes.

 We also offer additional products that complement our range of stables such as;

  • Low Maintenance LED LightING solutions for Horse Stables and Lighting for Indoor & Outdoor horse arenas. 
  • Wash Bay Arms & tie up rails to design and create your horse wash bay
  • Stable Bedding – HorseMate / Equine Pure Shop Stable Bedding
  • Feed and water troughs. Check out our range online. 
  • Stable Rubber Mats – Single piece rubber
  • Geohex – 100% Australian Owned and Manufactured ground stabilising paver.  Made from Recycled PE Plastic. A permanent solution to muddy areas, or areas subject to erosion.

 DoWell Equine also import Horse water treadmills and Equine Spas.