Stainless Steel Automatic Water Bowl – Horse Stable


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Stainless Steel Automatic Water Bowl suitable for use in Horse Stables.

Water quantity can be adjusted by turning the regulating screw.

These bowls do not have a float valve, therefore they are cleaner and more hygienic than other water bowls on the market. Let's face it not having to clean out smelly water bowls is one less job to do around the stables.  


  • Large, deep bowl in Stainless Steel.
  • Smoothly running tube valve on 1/2" brass or 3/4" stainless steel with female connection from top and bottom.
  • Reduced water wastage with unique design incorporating anti-splash rim (bent inwards).

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Weight 2.0000 kg
Dimensions 30.0000 × 30.0000 × 24.0000 cm