Equilume Cashel PONY (rechargeable) - Great for Show Ponies

The moulting of winter coats in horses generally occurs in Spring, when the extended daylight hours stimulate the seasonal production of the hormones such as prolactin, which naturally improve your horses coat.

Equilume Light Masks have been designed to biologically deliver an effective blue light that ensures that melatonin levels are suppressed to maintain coat condition into the winter months when natural light levels are diminished.

The advantages of mobile light masks for your horses;

  • Reduced stabling costs (bedding, time, electricity, repairs & maintenance)
  • Alternative to clipping – For horses who don’t like to be clipped – Saving time & money on clipping services
  • Proven to increase horses top line & appetite
  • Reproductive stimulation


Light masks should be fitted after the Summer Solstice (end of December) when the days begin to get shorter to maintain the summer coat. But no later that the 3rd week in January for best results.

Charging is required every 7 days, charging takes 4-5 hours to fully charge. Best to keep this in mind if you have your horse on agistment and have limited access to power and time.


The Equilume Cashel has a rechargeable cup, ideal for horses with limited turnout and/or poorly lit stables. Fully adjustable headpiece with velcro fastenings, machine washable. Plastic polymer cup with intergrated LED and electronics on right eye.

  • Battery Type: Re-chargeable
  • Charging Interval:7 days
  • Active hours per day:15
  • Light sensor function: No
  • Lifespan:18 months per cup

Starter Pack: Mask, Cup, Smart Key, Wireless Charger, Universal Plug.

11 Months Warranty



  • Advances breeding in Mares, by regulating cycling (with manipulation of Melatonin levels).
  • Improves stallion fertility
  • Maintains summer coat
  • Sheds winter coat
  • Healthier horses
  • Increases muscle response to exercise
  • Ideal for horses with limited turn-out and/or poorly lit stables
  • Keeps condition for horses on box rest

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Additional information

Weight 1.0000 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 5 cm