There are a few things to consider when planning your undercover horse arena. If you are looking for advice on "How to build a Horse Arena Kick Wall" or even just designing your indoor arena and looking for indoor horse arena fencing solutions? It's worth taking a look at our Recycled PE board Arena Safety Wall, after all we when building something new we like to make sure we have taken into consideration all of the options and choose the right one for our purpose whether it be an Indoor dressage arena or an undercover show jumping arena. 

All horse arenas require constant maintenance, with regular grooming and watering to maintain the arena surface. The planning of an arena kick wall will prevent sand from building up near the edge of the arena making arena grooming easier. The option of Recycled PE Board provides a sustainable alternative to timber. Whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing and can withstand the tough conditions without requiring additional maintenance. It can be set on a 15 degree angle allowing for maximum width use of your arena without catching your stirrups. If in the case your horse kicks on the angle will deflect the kick minimising damage to both the horse and the wall.

  • Recycled PE Board - BLACK 
  • 1300mm High
  • Galvanised Strips to suit - to be fitted every 3 boards
  • Will not Swell, Chip or Crack
  • Low maintenance, it does not require painting or lacquering 
  • Will not rot, or attached termites
  • No screws 


  • Hot galvanised dipped frame 
  • Installation
  • Custom made gates 
  • Galvanised Checker Plate for protection against arena groomers
  • Other colours available at additional costs


We carry a few different colour options in stock of the recycled plastic PE Boards. Black & Mineral Grey. We also have a timber laminate product in Golden Oak.

We recommend you contact us for a price on freight as the pallets are quite heavy and we need to consider access when arranging a truck. 


Additional information

Weight 4000.0000 kg
Dimensions 120.0000 × 130.0000 × 100.0000 cm