Indoor Dressage Arena Fence


PE Board Arena Safety Wall Installation 

DoWell Equine are Equestrian Property Professionals. We design and manufacture horse Stables, cross ties and Angled Arena Fencing.

Angled arena fencing increases safety for both the horse and the rider. The purpose of the angle is to push the horse away from the fence so as not to catch the rider’s stirrup or knees. It also deflects a horse’s kick, reducing both damage to the horse’s leg and the fencing.

This project was designed and completed to suit a 60 x 20m undercover dressage arena, with existing concrete sleeper surrounds located in Marulan NSW.

The project installation included; 

All posts and caps plus 2 x sets of double gates.

Mineral Grey Recycled Plastic PE Boards. – Chosen for their hardwearing and durable properties. They do not crack, rot or require maintenance to maintain their good looks. 

Pre-Galvanised steel in custom profile – Eliminating the requirement of fixtures that may come loose overtime, get lost in sand and create hazards for horses. 

The fencing was fully welded onsite to enable flexibility when working around the dressage mirrors already installed by the customer. 

If you would like to know more about this project or would like a quote on your new horse stable project please fill out our horse stable enquiry form. 

Dressage Arena Fence installed on angle for safety

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