Whether you are planning a new driveway or upgrading an old one. Ensure you have done your research on all of your options. Geohex is a fabulous choice for residential or rural driveways. It is a plastic grid paver that was designed for the Australian Mine Haul roads, it has a weight bearing capacity of 1200T /sqm. Far superior to alternative products in the market. It has a multitude of applications from mining, landscaping, agricultural & equestrian.

Here is a list of the benefits of using Geohex when planning your new gravel driveway;

  • Geohex reduces Erosion and run off on driveways.The unique design of Geohex enables the water to permeate through the plastic grid cells, as naturally as the water would absorb through grass and soil. This prevents unnecessary run off additional erosion and pollution of waterways. Which also reduces localized flooding.
  • Dust suppression on dirt roads.Geohex unique cell design, retains the aggregate used on driveways within the plastic mould. This prevents the gravel from being pushed down into the subsurface bringing smaller particles to the top creating dust. Should you choose to infill Geohex with a smaller particle ie.> Crusher dust or Crushed Granite. Both of these will set hard with a light sprinkling of water. You may still get a small amount of dust but, generally once the infill is in-line with the cell the vehicles aren’t not putting as much pressure on the dust, flicking it up into the air
  • Reduces/ Eliminates washboard effect on dirt driveways. The washboard/ corrugations on dirt driveways are created by vehicles travelling at speed separating the finer particles used in the road construction and depositing them in a ripple formation. When Geohex is installed on a dirt driveway, the infill will become level with the road paver over time reducing the direct contact, and the ability for the tyre to flick dirt particles up.
  • Geohex prevents potholes on dirt or gravel driveways. Geohex erosion control pavers, prevent poles holes by eliminating weaknesses in the subsurface of the road. Potholes occur when the weight of vehicles passing over a gravel or dirt road find a weakness in the subsurface and begin to deteriorate. After a downpour of rain, the depression will retain water, and become a puddle. Continuing to erode way at a much faster rate when particles stick to vehicle tyres.
  • Customise your own gravel driveway design. It is recommended that you use an aggregate/ gravel between 10-15mm on driveways to obtain all of the benefits of permeability of Geohex. Depending on the overall driveway design you are going for you can use anything from a crusher dust/ or even soil up to 20-25mm aggregate.
  • Geohex is manufactured from Recycled Plastic (polypropelene). and it can be recycled.
  • Installed underneath grass. Installing Geohex underneath your front lawn when you’ve a lack of alternative parking or maybe a dedicated parking spot for Cars, boats, caravans and trailers. Will prevent wheel marks or uneven surfaces underneath grass when we have a few wet days.
  • Geohex was designed and is manufactured in Australia. Including all of the benefits this has for Australia
  •  Reduced lifetime costs of maintaining your driveway. Reducing erosion on your driveway by solving issues around potholes, washboarding/ corregations or general run off will save money long term in constant repairs.
  • DIY Solution – Easy to follow instructions, quick installation.
  • No curing/ waiting to set time before you can use it Unlike Concrete
    If you would like more information regarding delivery or installation. Feel free to get in touch today!