Equine Ice Boots – Discontinued


Equine Hot or Cold Ice Boots - Available in 2 sizes

Made in Australia these equine ice boots have been designed to be used on either near or fore legs. They are made from Waterproof PVC (easy to wipe clean) and lined with a soft canvas linen for the comfort of your horse. Each ice boot comes with hot/ cold gel packs that are evenly inserted into the boot, and fastened securely with velcro.  Providing an easy application of ice to your horses legs.

Equine Ice boots may aid in injury prevention and significantly reduce swelling, soreness and bruising of your horses legs. 

Size Guide:

To work out the correct ice boot size for your horse, you need to measure the circumference of your horses fetlock. A 2cm to 4cm overlap is required for the boot to fit correctly and evenly distribute the hot/ cold around the whole cannon bone, down to the fetlock joint.  

It is common for horses to have medium boots on the front and large boots on the back. 

Medium: 32cm x 27cm (Guide: galloways)

Large: 42cm x 32cm (Guide: hack/ draught)

We recommend getting advice from a professional vet, prior to use. 

Additional information

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Medium, Large