Control Mud Permanently with GEOHEX!  


Looking for a permanent solution to muddy areas that are subjected to continual traffic? We have the solution with Geohex.

What is Geohex? – It is an Erosion Control System.

Geohex is a unique ground stabilisation paver manufactured in Australia. When joined together, the plastic pavers become an environmentally friendly alternative to concrete. 

Geohex’s plastic grid design and ingenuity has found a multitude of applications from preventing erosion underneath livestock troughs, stabilising turf, or as a plastic grid to hold gravel on driveways. 

Geohex is accepted through a broad range of industries including Civil, Landscaping, Construction, Government, Agriculture and Equestrian. 

Geohex provides a safer environment, reducing water runoff, run-off that potentially leads to pollution in waterways, plus it greatly reduces erosion. The strength of 

Geohex was tested in the University of Newcastle to have a load bearing capability of over 1200sm / tonne (originally designed for mine hauling roads).

For a product that was originally designed for such heavy traffic use, the benefits of Geohex was quickly realised within the agricultural industry. Marketing Geohex for use around feed & water troughs to prevent erosion became a ‘no-brainer’. Unlike concrete which just transfers the problem the advantage of a ground stabilising paver like Geohex is it’s permeability. Geohex’s porous feature enables the water to seep through and soak into the ground, therefore preventing runoff which is the leading cause of the rutting at the edge of concrete.

When it comes to using a porous paver like Geohex recycled grid on agricultural and equestrian properties, the opportunities are endless. Geohex is commonly recommended for installation in any high wear area, which has a tendency to quickly “Bog Up” and erode away after even a little amount of rain. For example around gateways which are notorious for becoming a hazard in wet weather. We can recommend with confidence that Geohex porous pavers will permanently fix the “Wet Issue”. Gateways are a high traffic area that are subject to wear and tear in all weather conditions, let alone when they become wet. With todays WHS obligations it is important that everyone minimises and prevents risks where possible. Geohex is a permanent solution to address this potential issue and let’s face it, none of us, including cows and horses, like walking through mud.


Geohex grid pavers have been successfully installed in horse day yards to prevent a mud pit in unfavourable weather. In this scenario we have had the day yard prepared by taking back the top layer of soil and installing the Geohex paver,then refilling it with the existing top soil, which will eventually encourage the grass to grow back through. One of the main reasons grass doesn’t grow in day yards is to do with compaction of the soil around the roots. Geohex plastic pavers, prevent the soil around grass roots from being compacted, hence enabling the grass to grow. Crusher Dust can be used, and it provides a much firmer surface.

Geohex ground stabilising pavers have also been installed in gateways, and in the entry of arenas and lane ways, to prevent wear and tear that can become unpleasant to look at, and a hazard when it becomes wet.

Geohex grid pavers have been used as a floor in stables and day yards to prevent pawing, creating an uneven surface, also reducing the dust. There is nothing more frustrating than having a paddock shelter, built for your horses so they can get out of the rain, only for them to stand in water, because they have pawed hollows previously.

Geohex porous pavers have also been installed underneath horse arenas that are in high rainfall areas to promote drainage. This enables riders to use the arena sooner than they would generally be able to do so. It is important to remember that arenas require a certain amount of water to maintain the quality of the ride. In dry areas Geohex will require you to have access to a good watering system if it was to be used on your horse arena.

What is Geohex made from?

Geohex is manufactured in Australia via an injection mould process using 100% recycled high impact co-polymer polypropylene.

What are some of the benefits of the Geohex ground stabilising plastic paver?

  • Geohex is Australian Owned and Made from Recycled Material
  • Geohex is a permanent solution to erosion control
  • Geohex is a DIY installation
  • Geohex is an Alternative to concrete
  • Geohex is 99.7% Water Permeable, encouraging water to absorb into the ground
  • Geohex prevents more run off in localised flooding compared to concrete
  • Geohex reduces waste water running into rivers and drains. Therefore more environmentally friendly
  • Geohex can be used in any high impact area to prevent erosion
  • Geohex is capable of taking a maximum load of 1200t /

Guide to installing Geohex;

  • Preparation is the key, Geohex is only as strong as the sub grade you prepare to install it on.
  • Step 1: Skim vegetation, preferably to sub grade
  • Step 2: Establish consistent ground level, compact it
  • Step 3: Use a thin layer of road-base/crusher-dust for perfect ground level
  • Step 4: Lay Geohex with male fitting to the outside
  • Step 5: Fill the plastic paver with an aggregate of 0.5-20mm (for your choice of finish), and compact it again
  • Note: for heavier usage more comprehensive installation is required.
  • Note: Maximum slope for Geohex installation is 30 degrees, it will also require pegging down.


Dimensions: 1000 x 500 x 42mm

Weight: 2.3kg per piece

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