Are you looking to increase the breeding potential of your stallion & mares this season? The count down is on, to take advantage of benefits of the Equilume Light Mask this breeding season.

Equilume Light Masks were scientifically developed to influence the mares reproductive system, by increasing the natural daylight your horse has access to via blue light in a mask. The increase in light reduces levels on a hormone called Melatonin, which naturally occurs in winter, it slows down the horses metabolism, and also regulates hormones.

Stablising the circardian rhythm of your horses with artificial lights is not new to breeding or maintenance of horses coats. But, research has showed that only low levels of blue light are required, and not all stable lights have low levels of blue light which can often lead to insufficient exposure.

Scientific studies have been carried out on Equilume Light masks. Equilume have been proven to increase a Stallions libido & fertility, and successfully bring forward a mares cycling. When a mare can be put into foal earlier using an Equilume, it will increase the chances of a more mature foal when it comes to competition time. Not to mention that with the correct use of the Light Mask, fitting the mask the last 90 days before the full term of the pregnancy. The light will help prevent pro-longed gestation, and optimise the foal birth weight, by allowing the mare to maximise the nutrition absorption over this time.

Financial benefits to the Equilume Light Mask include savings on reduced bedding, and staffing costs by simply saving the time to clean boxes or to relocate the horses daily. This in turn can allow staff to focus on other jobs around the property. Not to mention the cost to dispose of manure, and general wear & tear on stables. If you are sending your mare away for a service, you may find she joins successfully earlier saving you agistment fees, this could easily equal the cost of the mask.

Physical and emotional benefits of the Equilume Light Mask take into consideration that horses are a herd animal & prefer the company of other horses. Allowing them to roam the paddocks together freely is a much more natural behaviour. It also reduces stress and behavioural issues. Blue light also, improves the wellbeing and mood with increases in prolactin and serotonin.

There is a few different light mask models, so bound to be one that suits your requirement. They are simple to use. Depending on which model you choose to use. Simply fit the mask and activate the light at the set time. It will automatically turn on and off as programmed.

  • Equilume Belfield, which is Seasonal.
  • Equilume Curragh, which has a replaceable cup
  • Equilume Cashel, which has a rechargeable cup. Most commonly used to maintain the coat of Show Horses.
  • Equilume Stable light, you can find out more about this in our other blogs.

To Improve mare and foal health this breeding season. Start preparing now, as they should be fitted on the 1st July (70 days prior to joining).