Donnybrook Hoofstik

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Donnybrook Hoofstik is an all Natural Hoof Care Product that comes in a user friendly tube for application. Hoofstik can be used for both hoof treatments and as a cosmetic application for horse shows. Available in Black and Clear


Donnybrook Hoofstik (40g) - Available in Black or Natural

Donnybrook Hoofstik  is specifically formulated to be used to repair damaged hooves. Donnybrook Hoofstik provides a barrier on the horses hoof and is applied to the hoof wall, frog, sole and heel.

The application of Hoofstik protects your horses hoof from dryness, and provides a barrier against moisture. It should be reapplied when you cannot feel it anymore (3 days average).  The application of the Hoofstik can also be used to prepare your horse for showing. Apply the black Hoofstik on a clean dry hoof. 

Why should you use Donnybrook Hoof Stick on your horses hoofs?

  • To Nourish damaged hoof cells

  • Ideal to apply to severe cracking

  • Fill minor sand cracks, missing hoof and nail holes

  • Providing a barrier on the hoof wall, frog, sole and heel

  • Cosmetic application when showing

Donnybrook Equine range is manufactured from high quality 'All Natural Ingredients' including; Natural plant oils,and bees wax & essential oils (eucalyptus oil & tea tree oil).

Top tips to using Donnybrook Hoofstik to repair your horses hoofs.  

  • Ensure the hoof and damaged area is clean  and dry (If not dry with a cloth)

  • Mold a layer of the Hoofstik against the hoof where the damage has occurred

  • Coverage only needs to be thin to be effective

  • Only re-apply when you can no longer feel any Hoofstik within the crack (approx - every third day)

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