Donnybrook Hoof Wash


Donnybrook Hoof Wash is made from all natural ingredients - Double strength apple cider vinegar and selected essential oils.

Available to purchase in a 500ml Spray Bottle, 5L or 20L.

How to use Donnybrook Hoof Wash

Thoroughly Clean damaged hoof and spray wash into the cavity or crevices.

Allow Hoof Wash to dry on the surface.  The Hoof Wash works to condition the various layers of the hoof, allowing the cell structure to rejuvenate more quickly.  

Donnybrook Hoof Wash is an effective treatment for;

  • A Seedy Toe infection in your horses hoof. Apply the Hoof Wash and allow to dry. Apply a thin layer of Hoofstik to the cavity wall, then apply a thin layer of Crack Repair to the hoof surface. Repeat daily until symptoms subside.
  • A hoof abscess, locate and drain the infection. Flush abcess with Hoof Wash and allow to dry. This will leave a layer of Hoof Wash residue, protecting the hoof.


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500ml, 5L, 20L