Our Standard stables are for when safety and quality matter. Made from the highest quality materials, that are sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. Whilst remaining practical to both the horse and rider.

3.5m (W) x 3.5m (L) x 2.3m (H) - We are able to custom make other sizes also.

*Fully welded
*Unique double flanged profile (no sharp edges)
*Hot galvanised dipped for longevity
*Sliding Door (Top rail roller door system, fitted with an automatic door lock that can be operated from either side)
*Recycled PE Board (28mm thick) - Made from recycled plastic (no maintenance, painting or staining, no rot or swelling, no termites, no splinters) = more time for your horses
*No screws (to replace or potentially becoming a hazard)
*Bars (Max distance between the bars will be 53mm. Bars will be 28 mm diameter with a wall thickness of 1.8mm)
*Panels can be disassembled and put back together if you move. Great for renters.

PE Board is available in a wide variety of colours. (we stock in Black)

PE Board is widely used in the Equine industry for Stables, Wash bays, Arena Surrounds (pictured Centennial Park) and loading ramps, round yards.

Very competitively priced when you consider the longevity of the product.
Durable, hard wearing, and environmentally sustainable.

Additional information

Weight 250.0000 kg
Dimensions 30.0000 × 350.0000 × 240.0000 cm