Ezi Action Standard Drum Pump


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• Ezi-action® Drum Pumps are the trusted leader in chemical resistant hand pump dispensing from bulk containers - They are world’s best drum pumps!
• With proven safety features that work, they make dispensing safe, effortless and free from frustration whether pumping the most corrosive chemical or liquid food
• Anti-pumping locking safety strap to lock the pump handle in a closed position when not in use (and deter access from children)
• Pumps from base of container so all of the contents is emptied
• All Ezi-action® Drum pumps feature a rotating nozzle which eliminates wastage of liquid left after pumping
• Pistonless pumping principle with no mechanical parts to jam or wear, however valves and seals may suffer under some harsh chemicals. A Viton Seal Pack can be supplied to upgrade the unit to handle harsh chemicals
• Uniquely fully serviceable with a range of spare parts available - Ezi-action® Drum Pump's are an investment that will last for years
• Superior quality and durability, that tolerates temperature extremes and does not break when dropped
• Bainbridge Ezi-action® Drum Pumps are supplied with the full range of Ezi-action® Adaptor Fittings required to fit a large majority of containers and drums on the Australian market and to support the recycling of drums and containers
• Made in New Zealand

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Ezi Action Standard Drum Pump 200 Litre