Equigroomer – Deshedding Tool


Although the Equigroomer was originally designed for horses the small version works just as well on pets including Cats, Dogs, Rabbits and other small animals. The large version works well for the larger areas on horses while the small version is good for faces legs ponies and miniatures.The EquiGroomer comes in two sizes small (13cm) & large (21cm).

The EquiGroomer deshedding tool effectively removes loose hair, dirt and dander on all parts of a horse’s body, including their the face (small Equigroomer recommended). The blade of the Equigroomer has smaller teeth and is much more gentle making it suitable for horses with sensitive skin than that of a standard shedding blade. In turn it makes removing hair much more enjoyable for the animals you are using them on.

The design of the Equigroomer allows the hair to fall away from you rather than all over you. When the blade fills with hair it is simple to wipe off or blow it off.

Benefits of using an Equigroomer include;

  • Gentle and easy to use
  • Speeds up shedding process
  • Leaves pet coat shiny & smooth
  • Brings natural oils to the surface

The EquiGroomer comes in two sizes.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Equigroomer Colours

Red Small (13cm), Red Large (21cm), Purple Small (13cm), Purple Large (21cm), Blue Small (13cm), Blue Large (21cm), Light Blue Small (13cm), Light Blue Large (21cm), Black Small (13cm), Black Large (21cm), Pink Small (13cm), Pink Large (21cm), Natural Small (13cm), Natural Large (21cm), Orange Small (13cm), Orange Large (21cm), Lime Small (13cm), Lime Large (21cm)