Moss Vale NSW –

Horse stable design


Horse Stables designed & installed inside existing shed.

DoWell Equine are horse Stable Builders who design horse stables to suit each client’s requirements.

This set of horse stables were supplied and installed in Moss Vale NSW. Moss Vale is located within the Southern Highlands which is renowned for being the home of some of Australia’s finest Equestrians, covering a wide range of disciplines from Dressage, Carriage Driving, Eventers and the Horse Racing Industry and more.

This project included;

3 x 3600mm x 2300mm Front Stable Panels with an offset sliding door (operated with a pull bar mechanism), including the option of a “V” Yolk in the door.

3 x 4000mm x 2300mm Partition Stable Panels made from Boards & Round Bars.

These panels were fitted to the existing shed lining, so that they could be relocated at a later date. 

A stand-alone tack room door that matches the stable panels and provides direct access to the tack room from the matching set of cross ties.

DoWell Equine Horse Stable panels are fully welded and hot galvanised dipped, with a custom steel profile to eliminate screws within the stable construction, round bars (spaced safely) and a composite Black recycled plastic infill (low maintenance) to complete the stables.  

If you would like to know more about this project or would like a quote on your new horse stable project please fill out our horse stable enquiry form. 

shed with stables designed for horses