Low Front Stable Panels – Jindabyne NSW 


What a view of Lake Jindabyne 

One of the most popular professionally designed stable panels by DoWell Equine is the Low front swooping horse stable in Black PE Boards and Galvanised Steel. They have a clean sleek look are easy to maintain with adjustable hinges, and no ongoing maintenance required (painting, laquering etc). They create an open feel to your horse stables and allows for more interaction between you and your horses from outside of the stable box. 

 These stables will probably be the highest in Australia that we ever build. Installed on top of one of the highest hills surrounding Jindabyne (overlooking Lake Jindabyne).  The new horse stables were installed inside an ABC shed. For this stable build we supplied

4 x 4000mm Low Front Stable Panels with Black PE Boards

3 x 4000mm Dividing Stable Panels

10 x Panels to line the shed walls in the stables & the wash bay.

4 x Split Day Yard Doors – Black PE Boards

1 x Cross Ties & an Overhead Wash Bay Arm Installed into the wash bay. 

The stable panels are a low front design with swinging doors. The dividing stable panels are constructed from boards and bars so the horses can see each other at all times. Stables and wash bay have been lined with Recycled PE Board also to give a uniformed look around the shed.

DoWell Equine stable panels are fully welded and hot galvanised dipped to protect the steel from corrosion. We use round bars that are safely spaced to deflect the energy of a horses kick and prevent penetration and a leg getting caught. We also use a custom steel profile to minimise the use of screws in the stables, meaning there is none to come loose overtime that may get lost in the stable bedding.  The stable infill of choice is Recycled PE Board, which not only environmentally friendly but is impervious to pests, diseases and will not rot or deteriorate.

The materials used in making DoWell Equine horse stables offer a low maintenance stable solution that have a low lifetime cost, that are sure to look good for many years. Even hinges on the swinging doors are adjustable allowing for easy adjustment should this be required in the future. 

DoWell Equine are Proud to be Australian stable manufacturers that custom build horse stables to suit each client on an individual basis. 

If you would like to know more about this project or would like a quote on your new horse stable project please fill out our horse stable enquiry form. 

Dressage Arena Fence installed on angle for safety