Burrell Creek NSW


Bespoke shed with horse stables

DoWell Equine worked closely with the customer to design horse stables that were both horse safe and practical in this bespoke shed located in Burrell Creek. Burrell Creek is located on the Mid North Coast region of New South Wales not far from Taree. 

DoWell Equine completed the vision of the customer with three new horse stables. Each stable measures 4.0m x 4.0m with custom sliding doors that have no bars (with the exception of the pull bar handle that operates the doors). 

Additional features included in the horse stable build:

The shed is positioned above the flood plains below, so the horses have somewhere safe to be in wild weather. 

DoWell Equine are Australian Stable Builders who design and manufacture Horse Stable panels the that are fully welded and hot galvanised dipped, with a custom steel profile to eliminate fixings within the stable, using Black recycled plastic (PE Board) infill to complete the stables. Ensuring a low maintenance horse stables that have a low lifetime cost for many years to come. 

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Bespoke stable build with tack & feed room