Stock Whip 5 Foot


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• Karaka Stock Whip – synthetic stock whip is designed for all weather conditions
• Low maintenance – it never needs dressing, unlike leather whips
• Lead-loaded New Zealand steel handle specially turned to suit all users
• Synthetic lead-loaded twelve-plait thong ensures these stock whips crack every time with very little practice
• Fully synthetic – so it can't rot!
• It works perfectly when wet
• It won’t be easily damaged by new users
• Colourful options – traditional black, red-and-black or yellow-and-black (not all colours always available)
• Replacement crackers and rats tails available
• Made in New Zealand

Size guide:

• 4 – 5 foot stock whips for use in the stockyards or confined spaces
• 6 – 8 foot stock whips are ideal for use on horseback, paddock, and length work

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Stock Whip 5 Foot