Oscillating Sprinkler Adjustable



Our Premium Oscillating Adjustable Sprinkler has all the features required to get that perfect coverage of your lawn. With a variety of settings, you have full control over adjusting the spray of water to exactly what you need, and it suits any back yard.
With its simple and easy set-up, just plug straight into your hose connector and place in your desired spot and you are good to go. Adjust the following settings to your requirements.
Widths: The sprinkler itself has 3 different widths of spray, just rotate the barrel to the required setting. Small, Medium or Large.
Oscillation: You can easily adjust how far the sprinkler oscillates, by moving the levers at the end. This is perfect for when you don’t want the sprinkler to go too far and get your washing wet or avoiding the house.
Distance: There is also a dial at the end that can easily be turned to adjust the appropriate water pressure required to reduce the spray distance.