Matabi Evolution 12 Knapsack (12 Litre)



• 12 Litre useful capacity
• Pressure Regulator
• Fibreglass lance of 95cm
• Hose length of 1.3 metres
• Complete set of nozzles (Herbicide elbow plus fan, mirror and disc nozzles), two seals (one rubber and one synthetic) and a dispenser
• Attachment clip for pump lever-arm-lance
• Internal reinforced rib
• Adjustable conical nozzle and accessory adapter
• Attachment clip for pump lever, arm and lance
• Eccentric chamber
• Padded and adjustable straps to suit backpack use
• Easy maintenance and tool free

The Matabi Knapsack sprayers meet the needs of both amateurs and the most
demanding professional users, where great care has been taken regarding
ergonomics, functionality, technology and aesthetics.
• Pressure is produced by vertical movements of the pump lever, which compresses air in the pressure chamber.
• The unique design of the Matabi Knapsacks provide better accuracy and better coverage with less pumping and less waste.
• With long term health and safety in mind, the hose attaches to the top of knapsack to prevent accidental leakage of chemicals.
• Matabi Knapsacks are top quality and a long term investment. Spare parts are available for all Matabi sprayers.
• Maximum protection against leaks
• 3-position pressure regulator: Free flow, 1.5 and 3 bar
• 2 operator protective masks
• 100ml dosage measuring jar
• 2 extra replacement seals
• Spare parts available

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 50 cm