Dr Show Muscle Horse and Rider



Dr Show Muscle for Horse and Rider - DIY Muscle Massage Therapy Kit 

Dr Show Muscle is an easy to use natural muscle spray, that enables you to perform a full body massage on your horse. Dr Show Massage Kit is used by horse owners, body workers and therapists.

Available to purchase in a kit including the Dr Show Magnetic Massaging Glove, or individually in a 750ml Spray bottle or a bulk 4L pack. 

Dr Show Muscle was developed with expert advise from industry professionals to provide a simple process to relieve sore muscles.  

Dr Show Muscle can be used before and after excercise to assist with muscle soreness and fatigue. And may assist reducing muscle damage and preventing repetitive injuries that you may not otherwise notice developing. Overworked muscle can become a source of pain, when it becomes swollen or torn during excercise. Often leading to performance issues, noticing subtle changes in your horses behaviour can help to diagnose muscle strain early.  

Ingredients; MSM, Magnesium, Ethanol, Essential oils (Arnica, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Rosemary, Peppermint.

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Dr Show

Muscle Kit – 750ml inc Glove, 750ml Spray, 4L Bulk Refill