Bainbridge Rechargeable Livestock Prod with 57cm Shaft (82cm Complete)


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• The next generation NEW AND IMPROVED model with a range of updates to the design to suit Australian conditions
• Featuring a high quality LED light for safety in the dark to free your hands with a separate push switch is located on the top of the stock prod to activate the LED light. Designed to suit the needs of truck drivers and drovers.
• Output of the stock prodder is 6900v
• Wrist strap located at the rear of the stock prod to move the strap away from the handle and improve the balance of the prod when hanging
• A long lasting and fully sealed rechargeable NiMH battery which is resistant to memory, and over-charging
• Depending on how the stock prod is used, maintained and stored, the stock prod should last 500 recharge cycles. This is a standard battery savings equivalent to $3,725! (2000 “C” batteries at estimated retail price of $7.45 per 4 pack)
• A full charge from flat will take 8-10 hours. For optimum battery life, run fully flat occasionally, and try not to continually over-charge
• A red light indicates charging and a green light indicates charging is complete
• Supplied with a 240v wall charger and a 12v charger for top up charging in your vehicle
• Available in two sizes with 33cm, 57cm and 83cm shafts available (approx lengths). The hand piece measures an additional 25cm (approx).
• 12 month repair warranty applicable to the motor only (excludes all other parts, including the shaft, the LED light, case breakage, any form of physical damage and wear & tear).
• For livestock use only

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Bainbridge Rechargeable Livestock Prod with 57cm Shaft (82cm Complete)